Meet Jaclyn

Well I guess I could fill you in a little on me as a kid so you get a feel for my weirdo energy (lol). 

At the age of 5, I started Girl Scouts and well, now, 20+ years later, I have my lifetime membership. From this, my love of the outdoors was born. I’m an avid outdoorswoman; kayaking, backpacking, caving, white water rafting, you name it. I love it. Along with this crazy adventurous side came the love for all things beauty and fashion starting at a very young age (my mom saved her prom/homecoming dresses which very quickly became my toddler self’s daily attire). Ever since I could remember, I’ve been in love with both of these extremes. In college, I was an art student studying Art History and Art Education while working as a receptionist at hair salon and doing some freelance makeup for Make Up For Ever, Beauty Blender and myself. So why not make a career out of my love for art? At the age of 18, I started doing hair and makeup for photoshoots, editorial magazine work, weddings, and special events and by 22, I landed my first printed work and magazine cover.

Fast forward to current life: I am now not only a proud business owner (something I never thought I’d be capable of), but also a lifetime Girl Scout, competitive pole dancer, and model. I believe in showcasing your most authentic, genuine and true self in all ways which is what made me fall so much in love with the beauty industry and my clients. On a daily basis, not only do I get to be unapologetically me, but I am also able to encourage and inspire confidence while creating some really amazing art. That is something I will forever be grateful for.

Anyway, I’m so honored that you’re here whether that means I get to see your beautiful face in my chair or you’re just searching for some inspo. It means the world to me that you are here; thank you times infinity for stopping by!